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Over the weekend at Akashi Gallery

On Saturday, Milos and I bundled up and went down to meet up with 2 friends at a small recently opened Japanese tea Gallery. It’s the only one of its kind here in Barcelona, and I felt like I had been transported back to Japan.

I was delighted with the first Onigiri I have had in Spain, and although quite small, it was delicious! I could have eaten about 20! We tried all sorts of tea, including genmachai, and I ordered a lovely sweet umeshu ( a kind of plum liqueur). Under a little lantern, next to their goldfish pond, we whiled away the time, and for a moment, I almost forgot I was in Barcelona.

The owners of the cafe, two professional photographers, who recently opened Akashi Gallery as a spot to exhibit their photos, some of which were taken on a trip that spanned the length of Japan. It´s the first time that they have ventured into the cafe business, and although they have a ways to go, their creative attention to detail shows in their personal touch and the lovely decor of the cafe.

I shall certainly be back!

All photos courtesy Akashi Gallery.
Business Hours:
Mon/Dl/L/月 12:00~21:00
Tue/Dt/M/火  CLOSED
Wed/Dm/Mi/水 12:00~21:00
Th/Dj/J/木 12:00~21:00
Fri/Dv/V/金 12:00〜24:00
Sat/Ds/S/土 16:00〜24:00
Sun/Dg/D/日 16:00〜24:00
Location: Rosselló 197, Barcelona 08036 T.


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