Lights, Action

Yesterday I hung up the illustrations for the Secret Creatures, Contes exhibition with the help of my mom-in-law. It was quite precarious reaching out over the balcony to attach the works, but we managed, and the MIL was especially great (she is scared of heights), but no complaints! :) I was impressed, and I would … Continue reading


Cute Illustration

Yesterday I was very excited to receive my copy of “Cute Illustration” another lovely book put together by Eva Minguet and Monsa. Today I browsed through the book while munching on my breakfast, and I can happily say it’s super! I’m honoured to have my artworks featured along with some of my favourite illustrators and … Continue reading


2 things

Advice on freelancing as a creative… Ben the illustrator wrote a letter to a student who asked him whether he recommended becoming a freelance illustrator. I found his answer so interesting, as it was so truthful. The part about how we can glamorise what we do with words and fancy portfolios online really resonated with … Continue reading