An Innocent Artist

I met Andrea Innocent when we were both working in Japan. We were introduced through mutual friends, and have kept up a correspondence during the years after we both left Nippon, our love of illustration always inspiring interesting thoughts. I first saw her gorgeous illustrations when we both exhibited at the Tokyo Design Festa. Her … Continue reading

Illustration / Inspiration


I have been on a bit of a moth kick lately. Drawing them, googling all the different kinds, oggling over moth insect collections and Victorian illustrations. I am starting to develop quite a fascination with their little hairy bodies and powder puff wings. I have been introduced to quite a few marvelous moths and have … Continue reading



Yesterday we took a guest on one of those tourist yachts out of the harbour of Barcelona. We floated over mountains of orange jellyfish into water that changed from murky turquoise to deep teal. I entertained the though of jumping overboard, as the water looked so inviting, but the orange stinging jelly puffers below kept … Continue reading


Pinhole camera Experiment

A little while back my friend Ester and I made our own pinhole cameras from matchboxes, yes it’s true, you don’t have to be a first year art student to do it, and you don’t need your own darkroom. Darkrooms combined with art students are only for special occasions people. Anyway, it was something I … Continue reading