dress up rainbow

twogirls, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep. So I spent some time this weekend drawing this, a personal project for me inspired really by a collection of vintage spectacles, some of them are being worn by the girls in the illustration. I enjoy drawing girls, maybe because I am a girl? anyway they are quite cute. You … Continue reading


Maxie octopus

maxlet octavius, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep. One of my illustrations has been featured in Carpaccio Magazine. I think they found me on my Flickr, and I think they are always on the lookout for new artists, in their own words, “Carpaccio Magazine is a monthly online publication and a quarterly print publication created to promote … Continue reading

Illustration / MissYucki

Lightning Bird

lightning-bird, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep. I drew this for MissYucki, inspired by tales of the lightning bird, via wikipedia‘The Impundulu is a mythological creature in the folklore of the tribes of the Southern Africa including the Pondo, the Zulu and the Xhosa. The impundulu, which translates as “lightning bird” takes the form of a black … Continue reading


Rea Vaya

Rea Vaya, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep. A while back, I was commissioned to illustrate a comic to help illustrate the new Bus Rapid Transit System being installed in Johannesburg South Africa. The BRT is called Rea Vaya, and based on a system installed in South America. The buses have their own special lane which other … Continue reading