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After a near miss with our flight, countless hours in a tiny Austrian airlines (not recommended for long distance) seat which seemed left over from the 60s and strange triangle shaped food, we have landed in Bangkok. I could have kissed the ground. And quite rightly so, as the troubles we had with our flight … Continue reading


Moth girls

Two moth sisters, inspired by a doodle I drew in my sleep. Betcha didn’t know you could do that hey, yep me neither! I have been cooped up inside all day drawing and almost finishing a portrait commission, now its time to go outside. I’ve got places to be and things to see! Continue reading


Ink Rocks

It has been a lazy Sunday, we were supposed to go to the beach, to one of my favourites: Santa Christina, and little hidey hole cove up on the coast, north from Barcelona… but plans changed and we stayed home. I ended up painting pebbles I picked up in Cadaques last Wednesday with my parents. … Continue reading