Speaking of Macrame

Speaking of Macrame, look what I found today! Macrame owls, wow, super cool! Click here to go to Mariana and Paula, two sisters from Buenos Aires’s shop filled with fun owl necklaces and brooches. I love the way they photograph their products, so clever! Continue reading


Mad World

I will be participating in a group show, curated by artists Crajes, entitled “Lucy in the the mad world with Manson”. The theme was created by a word game combining lyrics and titles of songs with songwriters. I interpreted the title of the exhibition literally rather than find meaning in each individual song, and created … Continue reading



My granny spent half a year making my quilt. It’s all hand embroidered and stitched together with love. Each of my sisters and my mom now have our own special blanket. They are all unique, and I have to say it’s a pretty awesome heirloom. It has taken her 2 and a half years to … Continue reading