Living in Barcelona

Let’s Eat: A Casa Portuguesa


A Casa Portuguesa has been on my Let’s Eat list for some time, but for some reason, every time I thought to go, it was either full, or I wasn’t in the mood for something sweet, or it was closed. Inevitably I always find that when I am trying to think of somewhere to go for a nibble, I can never remember the places on my check-list. Strange but true. Probably one of the reasons I like to write about them here; so that they are seared in my memory.
A couple of weekends ago, we ended up in their Calle Verdi locale with some friends, after a walk around the neighbourhood.
The weather in February is all over the place in Barcelona, one minute the sun is out, and you think you are in for a lovely day, and the next minute, the temperatures have dropped and your knees start knocking. It’s deceptive, because spring flowers have started to bud, and summer almost feels just around the corner, but beware, because February in Barcelona can make you wish for your thermal underpants!
It was on a surprisingly cold day like this, that we nipped into A Casa Portuguesa to warm up and to make our taste-buds happy with some traditional Portuguese treats. The little place is also a winery, and although we didn’t sample any wines, I do want to go back for a glass sometime.


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