February has turned into a crazy month. But in a good way! I have been working on a series of new illustrations for an exhibition which will be opening in March, and happily drawing for a new Children’s Book. On top of all of this, Milos and I have decided to move apartments. It was all rather sudden, but I have been looking for a new place on and off since September and this one checked all our boxes. So on top of all my drawing deadlines, I need to pack up and sublet my current place.

The illustrations for the upcoming exhibition are all about travelling, and my movements through the world, which I have represented by birds. It seems that it’s fitting then, that I should be making my 7th mini migration in Barcelona concurrently with moving house! I will post some more info on the Kat Cameron Illustrations for the show in the next little while!





6 thoughts on “Migration

  1. these paintings are gorgeous . . just cannot believe how productive you are! Hope the move goes well and that your exhibition is a great success. I am currently trying to find a way to abandon everything that I do (writing, editing, photography, publication design, web site content, ecotourism consulting, etc) so that I can spend ALL my time painting pictures – birds, trees and landscapes. I just cannot mult-task any longer. But, making such a change is a risky move when you get to my age . . .

    • Hi Duncan, Wouldn’t that be lovely- Painting all day! Although I think that I would find it hard to give myself painting deadlines, and may just end up watching lots of TV :) I do understand about multitasking… Not entirely sure how I will survive the month! :-) I think I would quite like YOUR job however, so perhaps it’s just a case of things appearing greener on the other side :) Love your blog posts!

    • Thanks so much! I should be able to take more photos once they are all hanging in the exhibition! i found getting the colours right on this one really tricky, so im happy you like it!

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