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Lets Eat: Ramen ya Hiro


Ramen ya Hiro is a relatively new noodle bar in Barcelona. It’s fast and simple, and reminds me of noodle bars outside of the train stations in Japan, where you could drop in for a quick easy bite. My tummy is pleased with this Ramen, and I have to seriously concentrate on limiting how many times I stop by, otherwise I would probably spend all my money, and be there every weekend, and my tummy would grow each time, until I wouldn’t fit through the door. Luckily they do have tables outside if I am unable to curb my rampant Ramen cravings.

It’s not a great option for vegetarians, but Ramen never usually is, unless you are ok eating fish products. Although you can choose options from the very basic menu, it does seem rather random what arrives in your Ramen, I’ve ordered a boiled egg to not get it, and on another occasion didn’t order one, and did get it. If this sort of thing bothers you (as I would imagine it might to someone who didn’t want pork in their Ramen) try speak to the chef (by sitting at the bar) and not to the servers. Of course I’m much more interested in eating the Ramen, and figure that it balances out… sort of like surprise Ramen. They offer other goodies too, like gyoza, and onigiris…. but a bowl of Ramen is going to fill you up pretty well!

You can find the restaurant on C/ Girona 164. Monday to Saturday. They are closed for lunch on Wednesdays, and don’t open at all on Sunday.


5 thoughts on “Lets Eat: Ramen ya Hiro

  1. Oishi-so!!!!!! Looks super delicious! I just taught my high school students about Japan and I talked about “Ukiyo” or the Floating World of Edo-Jidai. I showed a powerpoint slide on ramen and discussed noodle culture back in the day and today. I had a bowl of ramen in Tokyo one time that had a fishcake that was shaped into a hello kitty! Natsukashi! I’m lucky to live in San Diego close to a lot of ramen shops, but nothing like Tokyo! Enjoy that hot steaming bowl of ramen.

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