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Usagui Tea House Barcelona

usagui japanese cake and tea shop barcelonajapanese tea shop barcelona

Milos and I visited the Usagui (Rabbit in Japanese) Cake and Tea shop in Barcelona during the Christmas holiday. It was a very quiet day, and we were almost the only customers. Our tea and cake arrived frosted with cream, sprinkles of cinnamon, in a winter scene with a tiny plastic deer amongst the “snow” icing. I loved the attention to detail, and yesterday went back with some other friends.

Although my puff pastry cream cake didn’t have a little creature this time, it was still delicious and we spent a lovely afternoon spoiling our taste-buds. You can buy maccha lattes, and they have a variety of cakes each day from black sesame green tea roll cake to daifuku. The shop is hidden on the basement level, minimally decorated with exposed brick and school chairs, but the atmosphere is cosy, and you can while away your time while browsing Japanese design magazines.

usagui japanese cake and tea shop barcelona

usagui tea shop barcelonacake shop barcelonausagui barcelona

Usagui Té japonés & café
93 200 55 41
Santjoanistes, 28, Barcelona, España

5 thoughts on “Usagui Tea House Barcelona

  1. What a super cute place! Just want to let you know that you might want to change the spelling to “usagi” The last character is read as a “gi”. I love places that have detail. I remember frequenting the cute coffee shops in Japan and I enjoyed frothy coffees with cute designs and of course indulged in delicious pastries.

    • You know, I did originally use the spelling you posted, but they have spelled it with the extra “u” on their logo, perhaps it is the “Catalan” version? Definitely you would correctly read the ぎ as “gi” in English. But I decided to keep their original name, how they spelled it. There is another restaurant here in Barcelona, which I noticed that the “English”/”Spanish” romaji is spelled differently to the actual Japanese characters they have on their signboard. Perhaps it’s Engrish?

      • Engrish! ha Ha….I miss it! I remember living in Japan and seeing funny sayings everywhere. Interesting about the whole Catalan to Romaji. I can definitely see where things would be lost in “translation” Thanks for the reply. Your artwork is beautiful!

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