Living in Barcelona

Bundling up before Christmas in Barcelona


The last few weeks have been quite busy. Doesn’t this always happen towards the end of the year? Barcelona has also dramatically chilled, now coats, scarves, gloves and leggings are day to day wear, especially if you are, like me, scooting around on your new “patinete”. I have been baking, working, drawing, visiting exhibitions and markets, and I think I may have tired myself out! Next week I have a small break over the Christmas & New Year holidays, and boy, am I looking forward to it. In the mean time, I have collected some photos here of the past few weeks in Barcelona.

Spice Cookies, one of my favourites. I have also been baking Banana Breads, yum!

Photos from a visit to the opening of RojoRojo at miscelanea gallery.

Checking out Lita’s work at their pop up shop market at the Espacio Visible gallery space.

The Flea Market in the Estació de França was actually the first time I had visited the station, which had beautiful arched ceilings over the railway.




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