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Big Sur

Barcelona and normal day to day routine have taken over my life in the last week. A bit of a reality check as I am back at work, and trying to pay off credit cards that were used frivolously on holidays. This year has been an expensive one for me, and as the end of the year comes around, I find myself having to remind myself that the debt was worth it. And yes, although I must put my nose to the grindstone now, I was blessed with many adventures this year. Including a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back!

We spent a few days with family near LA, and afterwards drove up the coast, before turning inland to our first overnight stop in Carmel Valley. During the drive up we stopped at a few awesome spots, and were literally blown away by the wild life, from Milos having his sandwich and shoes almost stolen by a squirrel to a gigantic pelican bird ball, David Attenborough style. It was a trip packed with highlights….

For now I will focus on the Big Sur segment, which began on our second day. We woke up at our 70’s style motel on the mountain, ate a ridiculously cheap breakfast at a local diner where I saw my first (and only for now) cowboy. Yes he had the hat and the horse. I was pretty excited.

From there we drove south on HWY 1. Explored the Julia Pfieffer National Park, ate yummy bakery snacks, and not so yummy salads at the Big Sur Bakery (clearly they are a bakery after all and my ginger scone was pretty much the best) This was especially enjoyed outside with the Blue jays and sunlight!

Driving South on the highway means you are on the right side of the road to have the ocean and plummeting cliffs open up in front of you as you take the turns. The vistas took our breath and I was intrigued to see the similar and somewhat familiar landscapes and vegetation that you find back in Barcelona and around Cape Town in South Africa. There are differences, but certainly a theme. Big Sur had a wonderful sunset tinge as we drove through, with patches of succulents juicy in oranges, pinks, red and burgundys. Then suddenly the fog rolled down, and filtered the sunlight through the trees. A magical place indeed. Yes, please, I’d like one cliff top house there, thank you!

We hiked up a few small trails through a stand of redwoods, and then wended our way up the mountain, where, back at our motel, pretty exhausted, we fell into bed.


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