Owl Calendar 2013


Currently I am whiling away my time in South Africa. Lucky me! I find myself here with friends on an epic reunion. 2012 has been a year that will go down in my personal history book for fond meet-ups with old friends, and the last week has been no exception, when I joined my husband for the wedding of one of his closest friends from high school. We relaxed in the beautiful winelands outside Cape Town and enjoyed (and are still revelling) in good food, wine and ridiculous conversations, full of laughs and reminiscing.


As we were driving back last night from the West Coast National Park, we spotted a large horned owl on a telephone pole and so it seemed serendipitous that this morning I found out that the fantastic Owl Barn Blog Calendar is ready! Full of great owl themed illustration, perfect for your feather loving friends!



2013 is almost upon us, and although perhaps we don’t want to think that a new year is already almost here, (too many things to complete before the end of 2012) we can focus on the fun things like planning future holidays, weekends away with friends and family, and start to figure out our goals for next year. So thanks to the lovely Shivani of My Owl Barn, you can download an owl calendar, by choosing an artist of your choice for each month.



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