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Brooklyn Bridge by Night

A walk over the Brooklyn Bridge was called for in order to gain some perspective on Manhattan. We watched the sun set, the lights go on, and walked down by the Hudson riverside. Despite the hordes of tourists, angry bikers and construction on part of the bridge, we thoroughly enjoyed our stroll!

Though we tried in vain to hold out in the long queue for pizza at the famousGrimaldis Pizzeria, we weren’t that hungry and since they didn’t serve slices, Milos and I decided to skip out on queueing. We were intrigued by the building, however, which was entirely made from cast iron, and Brooklyns first safety deposit bank.

Our pizza cravings were satisfied at L’Asso in NoLita the next day, and we certainly were not disappointed. Thanks to Alba for the recommendation.


6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge by Night

  1. My Manhatten daughter – a long way from Newlands, Clovelly,Walmer, Freidenheim, Houghton, but still in my heart. Love you and your travels.

  2. ok, next stop: brooklyn bridge. subway again. i am starting to get the hang of this transit stuff. i made it to the bridge after a little wandering around to find the walkway entrance. the walk across the top was one of my favorite walks. the sun was hot, but the breeze made things feel better.

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