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A small taste: 2012 trip to the USA

I find myself back in Barcelona! Hello Jetlag my old friend, you make me feel as if my head is stuffed with down during the day, and I’m up all night. Thanks for that! This year I have been incredibly blessed with many travels, far and wide. From South Africa in January to Brussels and Lisbon, as I write this post on my recent trip to America, I curl up on a bed in a little 17th century house in the mountains of Montseny, near Barcelona. Wow! With every trip, my fear of flying intensifies as my love for travel grows. A bit of a quandary, which I plan to fight with some over the counter pharmaceuticals when I fly to South Africa again in October!

It will take me some time to compile a complete travelogue of my recent adventures, and so without digressing further, here are a few Instagram (Mom, a phone application which I recently had the joy of playing with)they document our travels from New York, to San Francisco, Los Angeles, a drive through the Big Sur in California and finally to the Burning Man festival.


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