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Day Tripping from Lisbon: Sintra & Cascais

We took two day trips while we were in Lisbon. Both of them seem to be on the “to do” list of most tourists visiting the area. First trip was to the beach, we took the train to Cascais and then on another day, another train ride to Sintra. Of the two, I have to say we both preferred Sintra. As lovely as the beach was, Sintra was something very different to what we expected. Stunning views, a moorish fort and an a fairy tale castle on the top of a mountain, really blew us away. Another plus was that the temperature was actually quite fresh, and this was a nice break from the heat of the city and the beach!

Cake and Coffee started us off.

And then the train ride out of Lisbon.

The view all the way back to Lisbon from the Palacio Pena.

And then on to Cascais. We forgot about how cold the water would be, very refreshing! Good that it was such a roasting day out! See all those people almost swimming. Yes that cold!

We wandered through town and then up a random road to discover this little cove. As we walked down, two spear fishermen clambered out with their catch, some long wriggly fish and a large octopus. They were wearing full body wetsuits!


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