Illustration Inspiration: Jonah Sack & Trasi Henen

This week I saw the work of two clever artists that I studied with at University. Both of them are doing something really great, and I wanted to share them with you in this Illustration Inspiration post. First up is Trasi Henen who has created something called the Portrait Machine. A Scribe describes the subjects features and an artist draws his or her face, without having seen the sitter before. Interesting portraits appear from the Portrait Machine. It really makes you think about what makes someone unique, and how to describe them to someone else. If you happen to see the Portrait Machine around in art galleries in South Africa, see if you can give it a try!

Jonah Sack has been producing some fantastic drawings. Comic zines of landscapes, I like his line work and tracing paper works, where the drawings create movement reminiscent of animations.

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