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A brief sojourn to Lisbon Portugal

Last week I jetted off to Lisbon, Portugal, on a sort of visa run. The city astounded us with sights, sounds and smells, and as I go through all the photos I am still processing our trip. It was not all fun and games, and the trip did not start off in the best way. But the longer we spent in Lisbon, the more it grew on us. For now, just a little visual taste of the Portuguese city. I took so many photos of Lisbon and the surrounding areas, it no doubt will be a major feature on the blog for the next few posts! Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “A brief sojourn to Lisbon Portugal

  1. As always, stunning photos that are so colourful and clever and make you want more… so if this is an appetizer, bring on the main course!

    • I’m sure you will have a great time, check back into the blog again, as I will be posting some recommendations on where to eat and what to do! Lisbon is great!

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