Living in Barcelona

Barcelona Summer has begun

The last week or so has been hot hot hot. The summer has officially arrived in Barcelona, kicking off as it usually does in a sound explosion when Sonar opens it’s doors at the MACBA art museum. The streets slowly absorb the pulse of neon people moving in various trajectories from the heart of Raval. The sky is a deep blue and Barcelona becomes a heat island, smelling of suntan oil and olives.

Seagulls wing their way over glistening bodies and the sun sets late over a rainbow city. Barcelona is a special place to be in summer, the smiles are wide and the pace slows even more as everyone congregates in various plazas to unwind after winter.

This year’s summer seemed to explode all over me, sights, smells, and sounds rippling and merging with laughter and stomping feet to Die Antwoord, Hot chip and who knows who else at Sonar by night. We joined forces with some friendly new amigos and reunioned with old friends who flew in from South Africa, and my small holiday was swept away in revelry. Culminating tonight in the always epic Nit de Sant Joan, I will be shocked to be back at work next week!


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