Living in Barcelona

Living in a Treehouse

Having grown up in South Africa; with it’s abundance of nature, and a healthy curiosity encouraged by my mom in all the interesting creatures that call Africa home, from tiny bee-eaters to fearsome crocodiles, I miss the wild vistas and being able to go on safari for a weekend. Barcelona lies on a typically Med coastline, with scraggly trees, and a rather desert like aspect. And even though it is surrounded by the lovely forested Colserolla nature reserves, it seems to lack green spaces.

So I have attempted to bring some nature inside my apartment, and lacking a green thumb, it has been no easy feat! My living room however, now boasts some hanging plants, and branches, and the main bedroom has a creeper that is slowly recovering from being uprooted from Milos aunt’s old apartment to ours.

I feel a bit now that I am living in a Treehouse, which I don’t mind very much at all!


18 thoughts on “Living in a Treehouse

  1. Nobody would get bored in your apartment! You can even take a walk in it and see probably more than you would on a bush walk!

  2. Hi
    I have found your Blog and its really amazign about that what I see. I love your ideas and photos. Starting today I’ll Follow you time and from time to writing and leave a comment. Retry. Your pictures and impressions are really wonderful. Lots greetings from Germany Evanna-Valeska

  3. Your house is wonderful! I really hope that when I finally get a place of my own, it’ll turn out as awesome as this. I love that it oozes inspiration and it looks like it’s actually being lived in. Thanks for sharing all these pictures of your home:)

    • I always thought that you needed to find the perfect house before you moved in, my apartment was so awkward in the beginning, but with a little loving it’s completely transformed its character! I love living here now, just goes to show you can never judge a book by its cover! so glad you enjoyed the photos!

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