Living in Barcelona

Barcelona Afternoon Walk

If you asked me what I liked most about Barcelona, and trust me, it’s one of the top questions I get here (as South African living abroad in Spain) my answer would undoubtedly be that I can walk everywhere in the city!

Small enough to be easily navigable on foot, you get pretty fit, pretty quick! Once you have adapted yourself to zooming about the streets powered on your own steam, there is nothing better than a relaxed exploratory walk through the vibrant neighbourhoods. Each season unveils a different aspect, but Spring and Summer are my favourite! Colours seep back onto the streets and the sun loving Barcelonians emerge to soak up the rays on outdoor terraces, their myriad tattoos exposed as they walk their dogs or enjoy plazas and the obligatory tapas and cervesas.

Today after work I unpacked my camera and snapped images on my walk back home.

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom which remind me of home. I stopped off to enjoy a hot chocolate drink at “La Nena” Yum! A Perfect Saturday Afternoon Walk! If you enjoy these photos, you may want to check out my illustrated guides to Barcelona!

BARCELONA:: Introduction
BARCELONA:: Let’s Shop
BARCELONA:: My Alternative Top 5


10 thoughts on “Barcelona Afternoon Walk

  1. You live in Barcelona! Your shots look so good specially the ones with the animals. The way you set up your blog by the way is so good.

    • Thank you! On this walk I encountered plenty of animals! People in Barcelona especially love dogs, but I have seen ferrets, rabbits out for a walk, and once my husband told me he saw a man walking a little pet pig!

    • There are many signs and hints at the old way of life in Barcelona. Plenty of shops and businesses run in the family for generation making interesting snapshots!

  2. barcelona, spain being one of our(me & my DH) favourite place to be visited.. this post simply inspired us more:)

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