Living in Barcelona

Potting Around: Ceramics Class

A few photographs I took of the ceramics studio where I go for classes. It’s a lovely relaxing way to spend a friday morning before heading to work, and gives me an excuse to get up early. I enjoy my walk through the alleyways of the Borne to the ground floor workshop, where you can hear the sound of potters throwing clay. The great thing about my class is that we can make whatever pops into our head, our teacher Marguerite guiding us into the best way to accomplish our ideas.

I have really enjoyed the process of glazing as it’s such a surprise to me how each piece turns out after being fired. Colours merge and melt and it will be a long while yet before I can actually predict with accuracy the end result. At the moment I am creating a large vase inspired by sea urchin shells, or pumpkin shells as I call them!

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