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Belgian Signage & Architecture

I always enjoy the different lettering and signage in a new place, and Belgium was no exception. In our adventures searching for beer and waffles, we saw plenty of eye catching architecture, signs for shops juxtaposed above doorways or windows, advertising expensive wares and leading the way into restaurants and alleyways. Life in the cities had a different flavour, and as we sipped our coffee we watched all manner of people and creatures walk past.


120 thoughts on “Belgian Signage & Architecture

    • Belgium is home to Tin Tin and many other famous cartoons, there are 18 of these huge comic book wall paintings scattered about the city of Brussels and the comic book stores are out of this world! Definitely worth a visit!

  1. I love your pictures of Belgian signage. I lived and studied in Leuven for 6 months in the mid ’90s and every day the baker had a blackboard outside with little messages in English – such as “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” Then one day he had a Robert Frost quote: “To go with the drift of things, to yield with a grace to reason, to bow down and accept the end of a love or of a season.” I was at a turning-point in my life and it had such resonance for me. But to find it on a board, outside a baker’s shop? I think it could only happen in Belgium, a country I loved for the brief time I was there. Thank you for sharing your lovely images. Now I’m going to explore more of your blog. It looks fabulous.

  2. loving your photos, when I was in Belgium it rained and I didn’t take many photos … so thanks for reminding me of the beauty (and humour) of this place

  3. We live about two hours away from Antwerp, and we take every chance we get to pop down to our favorite Belgian city! I love the way you’ve captured the colour, architecture, and overall humor suffusing Belgian life. (:

  4. I remember visiting Belgium when I was very little. And esp now that I’m an architecture student I really want to visit again. These are beautiful photos.

  5. I’m now following your blog and your post about signge caught my eye. I have been in the signage industry in America for thirty years. Your photos of sign work in and around Belgium were very interesting.

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  7. Hi there! Thanks for a great treat of recalling memories! I stayed in Belgium from end 2004 till middle 2009! The best years of my life! The best place to live! I just love Belgium! I have thousands of photo’s! Keep up the good work!

  8. Love these photos! “I’d like two giant cheese wheels to go, please!”
    I wonder what the leading lady sings in the “Drug Opera”? Perhaps an emotional ballad illustrating the side effects of Prozac.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed :)

    • Hahaha I wonder too! Reminds me of an episode of “Arrested Development” where the Bluths sing about various prescription drugs! too funny! Those cheeses were insane!

  9. Hahs! Love that grafitti painting of rin tin tin running down imaginary stairs on the wall… and the gorgeous, gorgeous birds… and hahs! that dog! and the stop sign with the eyes… I love how you see Belgium. I was just having a bad, mad craving for Belgium chocolates the other day… glad I found myself on your page today. :) – Mish

  10. Great blog. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos. I went to Belgium when I was younger and loved the architecture and its beauty. Oh and if you don’t mind me asking, what camera did you use?

  11. YES! I enjoyed the quirkiness of Belgium and the Belgian people. I am a Cajun from South Louisiana, which are, in my opinion, the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. I’ve never found anyone quite like the Cajun people until I travelled to Belgium. I stayed in Namur, which was absolutely lovely. I have that same exact picture in Brussels of Tin Tin going down the staircase.

    I’ve never been to Barcelona, but I have stayed in Madrid. I find it interesting that the architecture of Belgium strikes you so much as I was simply in awe of the beautiful architecture of Madrid, which is like a museum in and of itself. I guess we don’t always appreciate what we see everyday, much like people who visit Louisiana think marshes and swamps are beautiful.

    Anyway, great job capturing the quirkiness of Belgium! Check out my new blog which centers around my world travels through photography. I have one photo posted from Bruges.

    • Actually I will be visiting Madrid for the first time in July! Barcelona also has amazing architecture, so many buildings built in the Art nouveau style! It is a real treat to live here! If you look at my guides to Barcelona you can see many photographs! I would love to visit the swamps in Louisiana! Seeing that part of America would be amazing! I am especially interested in nature and all the birds and animals that must live there! Thank you for your comment! I hope you enjoy looking around at my blog! I shall have a look at your photos, thank you for the link!

  12. These photos bring back memories from my times in Brussels… but also showed me someone else’s perspective of the city. Thanks for today’s enlightenment.

  13. I lived in Belgium as well as Townmouse. You capture it well. I still have ambivalent feelings about life there. But you capture it quite well. I wish I’d had a better camera then…and not mostly winter. But I do have some, and you have inspired me to post them…eventually.

  14. btw. the stopsign with the fun glaring eyes…”uitgezonderd” =exception. And the visual, for course, bicycles. Loved cycling around there. And love the eyes daring the automobiles to even try it.

  15. love your wonderful photos, and my favorites are the photos of that cute doggie and the cheese.. i wonder what type of cheese is that.. thanks for sharing.

  16. I went to Belgium during an exchange trip a few years ago, and it’s really nice to see some of the sights through new eyes. The Tintin mural especially, since we went around looking for wall art in the comic book style. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Many, many things to see in Brussels. It is one of the most “open” city, wich is full of diversity in therms of Architecture and culture.
    I guess you took pictures on the Grand Place and the neighbourhood…
    THERE IS EVEN MORE TO SEE… This is the tourist zoning!
    Actually, I’m studying Architecture, and make sometimes pictures of this town with an “architctural” viewpoint: You can see my work here.
    Brussels BE

  18. This is very cool! also please check out and follow my blog at! Thank you very much

  19. I used to live in Belgium for 2 and a half years, and seeing all those pictures really made me smile. If there’s anything I liked about Brussels, it was its frites, waffles and architecture :)

    • HAha! I was unfortunately on a diet while I was there, and tried my hardest to stay away from all the beer, chocolates and waffles! My family indulged however and they all seemed to love it!

      • Actually, Delirium (Cafe’) is a bar with a selection of more than 2000 beers, and Little Delirium is a smaller bar from the same owners. They also have a beer brand which is called Delirium Tremens :)

        Wonderful pictures!! I live in Brussels and really appreciated this post

  20. thanks for these pics, living in Canada but from Antwerp… good memories.. Yes Delirium is a type of beer…

  21. Your great eye for perspective took me back to my journeys to European cities with a similar feel – Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. Thanks for the memories. Beautiful pics. Congrats on being FP!

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