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Antwerp & Brussels : Green

The past weekend, I took a trip to Antwerp and Brussels with Milos and our extended family to celebrate his sisters birthday. Thinking that the Northern climes would surely be colder than Spain I packed long sleeve shirts and 2 pullovers. Belgium was hot, and sunny, the weather really couldn’t have been better! I think I may even have a slight tan from our walks around the two cities as we explored the parks, squares, enjoyed the architecture and history. But I needn’t have brought a jersey!

In Antwerp we were able to watch Milos sister perform in a Drama festival, which was fun! I thought she performed really well and it was also interesting in that after the three plays there was an adjudicator who analysed each play and gave each of the amateur drama teams a crit. It was nice to have this perspective afterwards, as I am not a regular theatre goer!

The highlights of the trip included the green parks with plentiful goldfish, wandering about the vibrant shopping streets, a visit to the artist Ruebens house, fabulous buffet breakfasts with family, the comic book stores in Brussels, a lovely last dinner, and the red roofed view of Brussels from Milos’ sisters 7th floor apartment. We could see all the way to the Atomium.

Below are all the green snippets from the trip!


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