Foxy techospeak

This is a little silver fox I plan on adding to my shop in the next little while, but based on how crazy the past few weeks have been, I don’t know when I will get a chance! I have been feeling somewhat scatterbrained, and in need of a holiday, so that I have equal parts to unwind and get creative. Clearly I have a very low tolerance for the daily hassles of real life! I just want to jump on a bike and cycle away from all the leaning tower of clothes washing and the dust nests in the corners of my house! Argh the joys of working from home!

Doesn’t he look determined on his bicycle, riding through the forest.

I have been trying to emulate his focused look, and I have been figuring out some CSS and html. (That’s what makes a website work mom!) Yesterday I finally purchased the domain for this blog, in the hopes that I can streamline my web presence somewhat. Technogeek speak I know, but I think knowing a bit of web programming would be a useful skill, and so most of my free time has been taken up, not riding on my bike in the Barcelonian sunshine, but glued to the screen researching php and childthemes. The alchemy of it all is fascinating, literally learning a new language via cut and paste. I drop something in and see what comes out on the other end. I haven’t gotten very far, but have been doodling new headers and possible design work for a new website. Here is a little sneak peek into some of the ideas.


2 thoughts on “Foxy techospeak

  1. Cannot resist a reply since I have had a personal mention on your blog! :)! I love the little fox’s face – its determined, but pert, and has rather an inquisitive curiosity about it, and it echoes the flip alertness of his tail… neither of which are aware that the front wheel is about to go over the edge of the world ……

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