Living in Barcelona

Breakfast, Barcelona, Brilliant

May has rolled around once again, I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday, and long weekend. I was able to take what the Spanish call “Puente” or bridge, meaning that I linked up my weekend with the public holiday on Tuesday, giving me a long weekend! It was some valuable time to unwind, start some projects, and get some chores done. Last week I made a cake for the first time ever. It was for Milos little cousin, her birthday was on the Friday before the weekend.

Since all the red food colouring had been bought up by people making a zombie costume (yes true story!) I used beetroot to dye some icing pink. It actually turned out really good, and tasted way better than the regular blue icing I used on the side of the cake. I’m not much of a baker, but the whole cake decorating endeavour was pretty fun, and I have since gone out and bought all kinds of cake decorating tools.

The kitchen looked like a bomb hit it, and somewhat scuppered all my plans of getting to work on a new painting. I just cant seem to get my head into new projects when I know my sink is stacked high with dishes. Frustrating to say the least. So much of my weekend was spent cleaning, with a dash of painting on the side.

On Sunday we went on a quest for Breakfast. The famous Milk restaurant and bar, located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, has been on our brunch list for some time. Milk makes fantastic chocolate martinis but I had never tried their breakfast. We went a bit overboard and ordered three plates and were not disappointed. It’s probably the only restaurant in Barcelona that actually serves 2 poached eggs instead of one in the Eggs Benedict. Yum! I had a Spinach omelet, equally yummy. Next time we have our eye on the French toast and blueberries.

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