Origami Icecream Fashion + illustration Inspiration

I stumbled (in true internet style) upon the fashion designs of Fred Butler. The pastel colours and geometric shapes were just so fantastic, that I couldn’t help but make a mashup between some illustration, art and these wonderful fashion pieces. And oh my goodness, THE shoes! Designed in collaboration with Rosy Nicholas, I just love the idea of knitwear shoes! I imagine they would get dirty quite quickly, but the textures makes me swoon!

The fascinating origami shapes and triangular protrusions echo a geometric trend that has been prevalent in art for quite some time, evidenced by all of these illustrations, sculpture and artworks found on The Jealous Curator. Incidently TJC is another huge source of inspiration for me. If you have never visited, do yourself a favour and add it to your blog reader! It’s chock full of artful eyecandy, that keep me coming back for more, and leaving and pretty jealous!

So without further ado:

Fred Butler + Rosy Nicholas / Kirsten Hassenfeld

Fred Butler + Rosy Nicholas / Bill Zindel

Fred Butler + Rosy Nicholas / Kristy Modarelli

Fred Butler + Rosy Nicholas / Evonne Bellefleur

Fred Butler + Rosy Nicholas / Shaun Kardinal


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