Zebra Styles

On Friday the weather was quite delicious in Barcelona, so warm in fact that I didn’t need sleeves outside for the first time this year! I celebrated the sunniness by breaking out a colourful outfit. A red dress covered in white horses from H & M and a white top with red zebras that I picked up in Thailand.

Zebras are great, and I haven’t done a “What I wore” illustration in ages, so I felt that my Spring outfit warranted a bit of Doodling.

Add to that a fashion + illustration inspiration board mashup using fantastic photos of street wear by and some wondrous illustrations, and I have stripe drawings on my mind!

Anyway click on the links to view the original sources! And enjoy!

1. Kareena Zerefos / Harajuku Bunny on Tokyo fashion

2. Sam Kerr / Hysteric glamour on Tokyo fashion

3. Richard Wilkinson / Zebra Coat on Tokyo Fashion

4. Cecilia Levy / Vintage on Tokyo fashion


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