Living in Barcelona

Mobile Jewels

D.I.Y Himmeli Mobiles! After seeing various images of “Himmeli” mobiles online, I tried my hand at making some this weekend. It was fun figuring out different patterns, and the geometric shapes they made. I also really like the shadows on the wall. I used the same concept to make some for Milos shop window, but I haven’t taken any photos of it yet. They are quite simple to make, all you need is some string or cotton, a pair of scissors and some plastic straws. I think if I were going to make more, I would try to use thinner string and opaque straws, or cotton the same colour as the straws, so you have a more “finished look”. The thicker string did, however, make it a bit easier, especially on a first attempt!

Proper himmeli, according to the internet, is a Finnish Christmas decoration. I couldn’t find much information on this, seems like everyone is just repeating the same sentence. Apparently the more traditional himmeli mobiles are made out of actual straw, the designs are far more complicated and the triangle shapes start off tiny! You can also find star shaped himmeli. If anyone knows more on the actual tradition, or where (what markets) to buy or see original Himmeli, I’d love to know!

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