Living in Barcelona

Green eggs & ham

Today we celebrated Orthodox Easter. It’s pretty great, these days I have double holidays, as many of the Serbian orthodox holidays fall on different dates to the holidays that I celebrated growing up. Now I get two christmases and two easters. Last weekend Milos hid some chocolate bunnies for me around the house, and today I dyed and decorated some eggs for the Serbian Easter. We dressed up in red, as is tradition, and smashed our eggs together. Usually the eggs are dyed with natural onion dye and turn a lovely terracotta colour, but this year I dyed them with dye that Milos bought from a Romanian shop that he visited last week, and we ended up with green eggs. Our Easter felt a bit Dr. Seuss, and we ate green eggs and ham for breakfast! What are your Easter traditions?


3 thoughts on “Green eggs & ham

  1. the eggs are gorgeous, and your breakfast tray looked so appetising: I would like an invitation to breakfast please….!

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