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Japan on my mind.

Some sketches and drawings I have been working on this weekend. They all have a Japanese flavour. I watched a fascinating witness report on the Japanese Tsunami on National Geographic. As well as being the anniversary of my wedding this month, it’s also the anniversary of the disaster that struck the east coast of Japan last year. It hit home all the more, as I watched colleagues that I had worked with in Japan film their apartments shaking on CNN, and then having my old Japanese neighbourhood flashed around the world as the wave devastated the nuclear reactor.

If you have never experienced an earthquake before, it’s like nothing you have felt. I think the thing that I found the most scary about them (they happened about every month for the two years that I lived in Japan) was the noise of the building shaking, windows rattling, doors banging, everything in the cupboards trembling, and the fact that there is nothing you can do, but wait and wonder if you should get outside or if it will pass. The strongest one I experienced was about a 7 or so on the Richter scale, and it was scary!

The disaster was caught on so many mobile phone cameras and videos, that the National Geographic special really shows you first hand the incredible and scary power of nature. Quite unbelievable!

My sketches are not supposed to be depressing however, they were also a way for me to practise painting people and portraits, and as you can see I had happy things on my mind, things like sushi, soba and origami :)


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