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Funny Face Spring Time

Spring has arrived in Barcelona. All the avenues are abloom and petals cover the sidewalks. I have been starting to really look forward to summer, when Barcelona properly wakes up, people start to smile and wear colourful clothes again and it’s warm enough to swim in the sea. In the mean time I am enjoying coffees in the sun:

I made a pair of funny face espresso cups, but unfortunately I dropped one on the floor, and now am only left with Sir funny face, Madam funny face has been resigned to the bin :( I shall have to resurrect her on another cup. I’m planning on adding a few of these funny faces to Etsy in the next little while, as well as some plates, and original artworks!

Tomorrow I am going for my first pottery class, boy am I excited! I will take my camera along, and you can be sure I will be documenting my adventures with clay! In the mean time, happy Spring (or Autumn if you live further south!)

Gosh wouldn’t it be cool to have a cafe full of these funny faces?


4 thoughts on “Funny Face Spring Time

  1. Months ago I started collecting plain white plates and cups to do some drawings on for Christmas presents. I didn’t get to them and they wait for some sort of inspiration. I love the drawings you’ve done here and I’m inspired to get out my little plates again.

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