Living in Barcelona

A day in the life

Thought I would do a little photographic essay:

Waking up, getting up, wandering about the house, about to leave for work.

Spring is arriving slowly in Barcelona. And the interesting nautical building on the walk to work reflects the sky.

Sketching and making coffees.

On the walk home, enjoying the parrots and pigeons in the park, and Barcelona’s lovely architecture.

Coffee with Milos in a cafe before heading home.

Getting home to the long corridor.

Sorting and cleaning my studio space! Finally unpacked some boxes that had been waiting more than a year!

All clean and ready for more drawing, sketching and painting.

Dinner, and off to bed. What do your days hold for you?


2 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. Such interesting glimpses of a unique home making talent! what is in the glass tank on the balcony – maybe a little turtle or two? love how your observations and photographs let us see your view of Barcelona!

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