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Valencia D’aneu

Milos and I took a mini trip up into the Pyrenees this past weekend to enjoy some skiing, before all the snow melts. Luckily the crazy cold that we had a few weeks ago meant that the slopes still had a good dusting on top! The valleys however were quite springish, with the early plum blossoms blooming. We enjoyed the very quiet little villages with slate roofs, and the beautiful gorges, their tumbling icy rivers leading to frozen lakes.

I was also able to improve my Avian eye with a little bit of practice spotting some European birds, including some Eurasian Jays, and blue tits, who are so cute with their yellow green and blue feathered coats. We even spotted a Griffon Vulture circling above us on the ski slopes, probably waiting for a beginner to ski off a cliff, or possibly confusing one of the cooler kid skiers that wear bunny ears on their helmets as a lunch time snack! :)


One thought on “Valencia D’aneu

  1. Love your descriptive and evocative writing and the equally beautiful photographs… makes me want to shut up shop and join you! but since this is not practicable, your story opens the window!

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