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Princesses and Visitors

I was pretty excited last week, when after we inherited some flowering succulents from Milos’ aunt, we were visited by a little fat bird, and then a littler, fatter bumblebee. Living in Barcelona, where, compared to South Africa, there are minimal trees, birds and general buggyness, I miss all the nature. I think I need to put up a bird feeder and see if I can encourage more feathered friends to my balcony.

The last little while has been hectic with various illustration projects! I’m not complaining, but it is nice to be more or less on the other side of deadlines. Here are a few snippets of the work that I finished at the beginning of the week.


5 thoughts on “Princesses and Visitors

  1. the “little fat bird” is undoubtedly a warbler of sorts . . . perhaps a Willow Warbler . . normally weighing just 10 grammes or so, they can double their weight as they ‘feed-up’ to withstand the rigours of migration . . .putting on lots of weight by eating heaps of protein rich aphids and other bugs . . perhaps this one stopped on your balcony on route to northern Europe . . . love your princess illustrations!

    • Fantastic, I wasn’t sure what it was. I have a bird book but its all in Spanish, so sometimes this makes getting the names right somewhat tricky! I should buy an English guide to European birds, if you know any you can recommend, please let me know! :)

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