Night Swim

Another one to add to my growing collection of water drawings. Night Swim.

I remember the first time I swam in the ocean at night here in Barcelona. It was quite a special experience, as doing the same in South Africa is virtually impossible. The chances of being munched on by sharks, a rather high risk, besides the fact that negotiating waves and current would also be inadvisable at night. Swimming in the Mediterranean at night, however, has far fewer risks. There may still be sharks, but (unfortunately) due to over fishing, the sharks are few and far between, and probably really small. The most dangerous creature you could come into contact with would be jellyfish, and there are usually warnings on the beach. Besides this, the water is luke warm in summer, and flat, so taking a dip can be a delicious experience.

I used to freak myself out swimming at night in a swimming pool, let alone the sea, so a swim at night here in Barcelona, was both thrilling and magical. The water is also filled with sparkly sand particles, which glint in the light of the moon when your feet churn up the sand, and you can feel like a mermaid. I’m looking forward to my next summertime nightswim.


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