Illustration + Fashion

Inspired by my favourite posts on Miss Moss, a blog I regularly read, I thought I would try my unskilled hand at an illustration/fashion mashup. Clearly, it’s not as easy as Diana makes it look, and you should really visit her blog to see her fabulous mixes of fashion, food and art. Her design is just wonderful.

Anyway I had heaps of fun sourcing all the images, and making combinations. You see so much fashion illustration; drawings of actual fashion or styles, so I hope this is a somewhat different take on the concept. I’m sure it has been done before, but it’s never been done by me, so enjoy ;) click the images to view them larger.

Alexander Raphelt/The Sartorialist

Becca Stadtlander/TokyoFashion

Betsy Walton/Lauren Moffatt

Catell Ronca/Style Bubble

Jennifer Davis/The Sartorialist

Kat Cameron/Sea of Shoes

Corinne Reid/The Sartorialist

Jasmin Lai/Secret Squirrel

Sam Weber/ Facehunter

Iain Macarthur/ Hel looks


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