Living in Barcelona


Breakfast is one of my favourite meals, in fact it might be my ultimate favourite. In whatever breakfast flavoured way it is served. Cereal, fruit, croissants, coffee, orange juice, toast, waffles, pancakes, and EGGS!

I could eat breakfast for every meal, which is weird because for quite a few years in the middle of my life so far, I couldn’t abide the taste of eggs. Now I am extremely happy to eat eggs, in fact it may be my preferred breakfast of choice (although very runny ones still give me the heeby jeebies). My favourite eggs are wellish done poached eggs. Milos and I will often try to sample the brunch options available at restaurants in Barcelona, I think they are only catching on now that Breakfast is the most important meal. Up until now, breakfast in Barcelona was usually a croissant with nutella and coffee, which to me doesn’t really sound like the most nutritious meal (although I’m sure many will disagree). If you like nutella, seriously, you should move to Barcelona. I have seen it advertised on TV as a wholesome breakfast food. Yep really. On the other hand, if you like peanut butter, forget it, this is something that can only be found in select stores, virtually no-one knows what it is.

It would seem that the same can be said of egg poaching pans. I searched high and low for a simple egg poacher, but came up empty handed. I have had to poach my eggs the old fashioned way, which involved vinegar, and making whirlpools in my boiling water pot. Not the most efficient way, I have to say. I most likely ended up with watery, scary stringy looking poached eggs, which kind of destroyed my yummy breakfast vibe.

So finally I reached out to the internet and ordered these interesting little silicone cups, which you drop into your water pot. They keep your eggs out of the water, so they are perfectly steamed in a nice little round shape. Now I can easily pop them out of their molds, and Ta-Da poached egg of deliciousness!

My breakfasts are complete! Thank you internet shopping!


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