Ke-Ai & Kat Cameron

Exciting News! A selection of my Kat Cameron limited edition signed prints and magnets are now available at Ke-Ai in Johannesburg. The little Asian pop shop is situated in Greenside and well worth a visit, if only to satiate your need for cute. After living in Japan, I know I sometimes need to surround myself in cute stuff, and Ke-Ai is the perfect place to stock up. So on your next foray for a cuppa coffee or nice vegetarian snack, go have a peek at my goodies too.

For all my international readers, Greenside is a lovely leafy neighbourhood in Johannesburg South Africa. Full of cafes, gift shops, parks and other suburban delights, it’s one of the nicer areas to have lunch and explore. If you happen to be planning a trip to South Africa (which you should be doing – on your bucket list NOW!) and are passing through Joburg, go put your feet up and experience the African sun on a terrace while you meet all the friendly inhabitants.

You can find Ke-Ai at 135 Greenway – Greenside – Shop 2, 2193 Johannesburg, South Africa. Hurry while prints and magnets last! :)


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