Dogs on my mind

In South Africa, I made friends with Charlotte my sisters Basset again. It’s so cute how she remembers who I am every time I come home. Running around and howlingbarking, ears flapping and her whole long body bouncing and wiggling. She’s a great, although sometimes a bit stinky, dog. Of course I had to do a doggy portrait of her for my sister, and then was requested by my aunt to draw her dog Phoebe, otherwise known as The Floof who is a sweet little fluffy sausage creature.

I am about to get into another commission of an English Bulldog called Sputnik in a few minutes, and needed to get myself into a doggy frame of mind. If you are interested in a custom pet portrait, here is the breakdown. I also have a few other doggy prints listed on my etsy. Check out the teeny siberian husky and this handsome fella in his blue scarf.


2 thoughts on “Dogs on my mind

  1. Kat, these dog images are truly fabulous . . . I think you will find a lucrative niche for this – the more you do, the more people will see your pictures and your reputation will grow . . As it is, I have just spent the last while totally absorbed by your earlier blog entries (when I should have been working on boring maps for a client!) and have to say that you are simply THE most creative person I know. A legend in the making, and ‘on-line’ for all to see!! . . Keep it up, Duncan B

    • Duncan, thank you for your truly generous comment. Its so nice to hear something like this from an established artist I respect and admire. Have been really enjoying your stories about Borneo and Milos and I have been drooling over all the photos and drawings! It looks really magical!

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