Ardmore Ceramics

Just loving these crazy African ceramics created by Ardmore Art. They have been around for 25 years, and I have seen their work before, but it was in the airport in South Africa that I chanced upon an interesting collaboration between them and In the Beginning Design Studio. They translated the beautiful illustrations on the ceramics into prints, cushions and scarves, as well as the amazing couch (voted the most beautiful object in South Africa) which caught my eye. Man Alive I want that couch in my house!

I love the illustration style, the exuberance of colour and patterns and how it tells such a colourful story of South Africa. I could lie on that couch and happily dream myself into a Kipling “Just so Story”. Wouldn’t it be the perfect place to read about how the elephant got his trunk or the camel his hump?

In fact, I think I may have to start my apartment design from scratch after seeing this explosion of africaland in a room.


4 thoughts on “Ardmore Ceramics

    • I could try, might be easier to design a pattern and get that printed as a throw, or make some similar envelop cushions? We could sit and paint our Just So inspired creatures on it :)

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