Living in Barcelona

Horsing About

Barcelona dawned sunny but chilly today. I know this because I woke up at about 5am. Last night I slept for about 12 hours in an extended afternoon nap after an EPIC trip back to the city via the airport in Tel Aviv.

The entire transit from South Africa to Barcelona took more than 24 hours, and if you have ever flown to Israel with their airline El Al, you will know that some of that time goes into being questioned thoroughly by their security. El Al pretty much knows my entire life history now. I kid you not, they will ask you the name of your cat! Luckily I didn’t have to go to work today and was able to fall back asleep and eventually got up around 9 to make breakfast for Milos.

It’s nice to be back, I spent the day doing a little bit of unpacking and cleaning, as one does after long periods away, and generally eased back into winter climes and being back in my apartment.

These are photos of a little project I started before I left, which I plan on continuing now that I am back. I saw animals like this made professionally here on random journals in the blogosphere and wanted to re-create some of my own with a minimal price tag. Clearly it’s not as easy as I thought, and I need to figure out the delicate skills involved in making them. But once I do, I plan on using them to decorate my long corridor.

If you guys have the moola, go check out the originals, I think they would make awesome statement pieces.

All I need now is some glitter, more plastic animals and different coloured paint!


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