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Painting & Pottering Around

It has been quite relaxing here in South Africa. I have been spending time with family, painting and generally pottering around. Since arriving in Johannesburg, things have picked up the pace a bit. I’m struggling to come to terms again with the fact that you have to drive everywhere here. So far I have been able to bribe my sisters into being my chauffeurs which has been great! It has been fun to hang out with them too, and take part in their daily schedules here, which I don’t often get a chance to do.

The weather has been equally weird, actually a little chilly for summer, but it has been great to experience the afternoon thunder showers. I have also had time to admire and get dirty in my moms expanding vegetable patch.

Pulling out carrots is a very satisfying thing to do, as they pop out of the soil so nicely. You will probably only know what I am talking about if you have ever pulled a carrot out. It has been interesting comparing Johannesburg to Barcelona, they are so so different. I have no space for veggie patches, but I can walk everywhere. Perhaps I can make a hanging vegetable garden in my apartment.

It has been super to reconnect with my best friendly face Alba, and I’m looking forward to the epicness that this weekend promises as her wedding approaches. Every time we come back home, we return to her attic studio and craft and make art together, and we slot right back like little jigsaw puzzle pieces. This time we have been putting together details for her ceremony.

We always feel a bit like we have gone back in time, with the same photos in her studio holding testament to a specific time period when we both still lived in Johannesburg. They have not changed since then, and the room has an almost time capsule effect on us. I had the same feeling going through all my old junk in the attic at my parents house, finding hilarious school photos, old boyfriends passports (??) and trying to figure what to throw out.

Seeing all those albums and the school diaries that I used to compile makes me really grateful that I didn’t really grow up on facebook. This blog is probably bad enough. Clearly I haven’t lost my love of documenting everything. I’m pretty sure that rereading these posts in 5 years will make me cringe too, but hopefully it will also bring back fun memories as well! Do you still have attics and basements filled with your old stuff at your parents houses?


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