Walkie Talkie TV

I remember when my good friend Thomas Blatcher dropped in to Barcelona to say hi on his way to South America. We chatted in the evening over a glass of beer on the terrace as shouts and music drifted up from the plaza in the neighbourhood. Conversation steered towards his ideas for creating travel documentaries.

True to his word, Walkie Talkie TV was born when he returned to South Africa and filmed his 2 month adventure in Malawi. The documentaries remind me of my shoestring trip there years ago with Milos, highlighting the friendly Malawians, their beautiful country and smiling faces.

The two person Walkie Talkie crew has created, written, filmed and produced a number of shorts and are currently working on making a full length episode. They write, “Our first project is about Malawi, lovingly called “the warm heart of Africa”. Our aim is to produce a bi-lingual (English and Spanish) in-depth look into everyday life of the culture, colour and customs of the Malawian people, as experienced by backpacking travellers.”

Cape Maclear, Malawi from Walkie Talkie on Vimeo.

They are interested in collaborations and sponsorship and I am keen to see what Walkie Talkie produces in the future, perhaps I will see an episode of their adventures on National Geographic one day! Fingers crossed. All the photographs featured here were taken by Thomas or Sofia, and you can see more on their facebook and blog.

I think it’s fantastic that this idea germinated, and I am eagerly awaiting the final episode. It just shows what you can accomplish with hard work and determination. Well done guys, and much luck!


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