Gertie & Gus

I have recently started a regular custom pet portrait service on my etsy (which is closed now, until I get back to Barcelona) but I did want to share a recent doggie artwork. This is Gertie and Gus, two cute Frenchies, that I wish I could have squeezed in real life!

My portraits are mixed media one of a kind artworks. Each one combines digital, ink, guache, pencil and acrylic paint elements, on textured paper. They are fun to do, as trying to capture the mood and character of the animals is a challenge.

Gertie and Gus look quite handsome, as they wait for their application of paint!


10 thoughts on “Gertie & Gus

  1. Well its an excellent service! I saw someone else on etsy who was carving custom small lino portrait stamps of people/couples faces for stamping invites or whatever. Good idea i though.

  2. Hi!! I am a South African also living in Barcelona. I have a black Schnauzer back in Cape Town with my folks and I am interested in your pet artwork. I would love to put Boris on my wall, but often photos of pets aren’t all that great. What process do you follow with commissions?

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