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The river to the sea

The last few days have been spent blissfully disconnected to the world in Kenton-on-Sea in South Africa. Christmas passed with family and friends, and we have been spending the hours lazing away reading, sunbathing, drawing, painting, taking in the gorgeous views, reconnecting with each other and unwinding.

Kenton is fast becoming a popular hotspot in South Africa, touted in various travel magazines, and so we feel quite priviledged that we discovered this lovely hideaway on the coast before the hordes. New Year brings in multitudes and having a family home to retreat to comes in quite handy. My parents have carved out a beautiful niche for us, with wooden decks to lounge on with views of the river. When we work up the energy we can paddle canoes up with the tides and watch jellyfish float past beneath our paddles.

I have really been enjoying the birds, which are heaps of inspiration for drawing, and fun to stalk with a camera. We are also really lucky in that you can spot so many different kinds of animals and birds on trips up the river where there is a game reserve. This means that you may even see an elephant on the banks while you cruise past.

I have been having too much fun really, which is good because it means I haven’t had too much time to miss Milos who opted to stay in Barcelona to work. His family is celebrating New Year together and his sister is visiting. It will be the first time I have broken our recent tradition of spending NY together :( Oops. Oh well it is quite impossible to be in two places at once.

I hope you are all celebrating, and having fun with your loved ones this December! Stay safe! I will be back to regular posting in early January.


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