Living in Barcelona


Before I head off to South Africa for almost a month, Milos and I decided to try out Federal Cafe. Ever since I started eating eggs again, breakfast has fast become my favourite thing to munch on. I could eat breakfast for pretty much every meal. That or hamburgers (which by the way are my speciality). So when we discovered that the menu at Federal Cafe serves breakfast burgers, I was hooked.

2 o’clock is breakfast time on a Sunday in Barcelona, and it seems that pretty much everyone likes breakfast burgers at 2pm so we had to wait in line outside for about 30 minutes before we got to stuff our faces with this:

Was it worth it? Yep, pretty much. They had run out of proper burger buns, or whatever they normally serve the eggies and titbits on, so I had mine in tostadas, which was ok. I have to say Milos’ oven baked haloumi, pesto and egg bonanza tasted better, but I always eat my breakfasts like a sandwich, so I was perfectly suited to the burger style eggs. Plus, I still can’t eat raw/ runny eggs, so I think we made good choices all round. Also, nice surprise, the menu was not expensive, unless you decided to splash out on champagne or cocktails (which we didn’t). I would definitely go back.


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