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Why don’t you ride your bicycle?

Yesterday was Milos’s birthday. We have birthdays more or less 2 weeks apart, so I get to be older than him for 2 weeks, then he catches up. My mom shares the same birthday as him, so it was a double whammy of a day. Milos and I don’t tend to celebrate anniversaries or other days in big ways, but birthdays are our exception. I think we kind of try to outdo each other every year.

I was whisked off to Venice for the weekend and was uber spoiled with a wacom cintiq (which I am slowly figuring out how to use). So I wasn’t really able to beat him this year, I mean what can top Venice and clever drawing technology? Yeah I don’t know.

Anyway, he got a fancy desktop computer this year and I bought him Skyrim, which he is dying to play. Unfortunately the computer didn’t arrive on time, and so feeling really blue about not having a proper gift to present him with traditional birthday breakfast, I made him a calendar of biking beasties.

I had spent the evenings at work drawing and doodling and now he has a funny creature on each month riding bizarre looking bicycles. He doesn’t need to buy a calendar for next year, although he thought my porcupine looked like a firework. hmmm I may have to work at drawing porcupines!

I have selected a few, which I have coloured, and I think I will be adding them as prints to the shop next year. Next week I travel to South Africa, so I will get time to say Happy Birthday in person to my mom, and spend Christmas with my family. Good bye winter in Barcelona, hello summer in South Africa!

I will be closing up the Kat Cameron illustration shop at the end of this week, and reopening at the end of January. Expect some African flavoured blog posts…



7 thoughts on “Why don’t you ride your bicycle?

    • Thanks! I think Milos liked it too! The cintiq is awesome, however I find it is not uber practical. It needs its own power source, so really its best with a permanent desk working space setup. I went from a bamboo which was about 5 years old (still works perfectly – I love wacom) to the cintiq, and its noticeably more like drawing with a proper pencil/ pen, the sensitivity means i can get far more detail than with my bamboo, but i find that drawing on the screen doesnt make any difference (yet) and in fact i am struggling a little because I cannot easily swap between mouse and pen as i was so used to doing. In other words, as cool as the cintiq is, I may have been more happy with the latest intuos… anyway this is all my first impression, hahah ask me again in a couple of months when I am used to my new setup! :)

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