Illustration / Living in Barcelona

This and That

I had my round mirror installed and have arranged some of my polaroids around it to make a frame. It’s nice to have them on the wall, so I get to look at them, rather than hide them away in a box or album. We also took a trip to the restaurant Casa Blava, that Milos and I discovered on a Sunday drive through the Colserolla (the nature reserve that surrounds Barcelona). Eating at Casa Blava is like dining in a tree house. We had a great time celebrating Milos’s birthday and his parents wedding anniversary. I ate 3 different mini hamburgers. I don’t know what it is about putting pate on top of a burger, but man is it a good idea. It’s frikken deeeelious! I kid you not, go out and buy some pate and put it on a burger and tell me it isn’t.

And some random little doodles. Right, I’m off to work now, had a fantastic break last week, but it doesn’t last forever, and I guess I wouldn’t appreciate it so much, if I didn’t have to go! :)


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