Living in Barcelona


Today Milos and I dressed up warm and went to scope out the Festivalet at the FAD building in Barcelona. My friendly face friend Ester told me about it, and boy am I glad I went. Despite the cold, the craft fair was totally worth going down to town. Organised by Dudua & Sirena con Jersey, Festivalet was much fun, with beautifully constructed stalls, each seller arranging products with an eye for detail.

We enjoyed a walk around, and then sampled some of the Cosmo snacks, I spied Depeapa & Apres Ski goodies and bought myself an awesome Jeez Vanilla plate.

I was most impressed with the quality of the packaging, everything wrapped up in unique ways. I think that it makes such a difference when products are dressed up nicely in their wrappings too.

My rabbit tiger plate is already up on the wall at home. I pretty excited with my purchase, I’m sure you can tell! I seem to be on a bit of a ceramic kick of late.


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